Fempowerment Blog Part 1: Marketing Entrepreneur Lina Andersson



  • Name: Lina Andersson
  • Age: 32
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Job: Entrepreneur, 'Non-Agency' Founder & Strategist at FIRE HIVE Marketing

5 quick questions:

  • Addicted to? coffee, gadgets, work
  • Dislike? fake people, bad quality products
  • Favourite City? Málaga
  • Best of Netflix? Mindhunter or Emily in Paris (hahaha)
  • Female Role Model? My mom, she was really strong

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend. We're both entrepreneurs and neither of us are originally from The Netherlands but I speak Dutch fluently.

I quit my office job some years back because I got tired of working 9-5 in stressful environments, commuting back and forth to the office and getting paid almost nothing. It wasn't worth it! Now we both work from home and travel when we can. I love spending time in the south of Spain when possible, working and enjoying the weather.

In my free time I like to work out, cook, shop online and get together with friends for drinks. I also love investing, tech, and gadgets that improve your life.

What do you do?

I've been running my own marketing company for 5+ years now and I'm currently expanding my own remote team. It's called FIRE HIVE Marketing and my team consists of all kinds of entrepreneurs who want to work together within their skillsets and challenge themselves.

We're a 'Non-Agency' because we don't believe in the traditional marketing agency model. We're transparent, communicative, efficient and flexible.

I'm a firm believer in collaboration and hope to do my part in the economy by sharing my clients and projects so others can gain more experience and skills. A big plus is that I don't have to 'manage people' as they're already business owners, take responsibility and know what they are doing. I'm very lucky to have found great people to collaborate with and it makes being an entrepreneur less lonely and more fun!

What's your favourite inspirational quote?

Hmm..tricky question. This one is very true: "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"

What makes you feel happy and empowered?

Quitting my stressful job at the agency to focus on my business was the most empowering feeling ever. I never supported the work hard play hard mentality, to me whenever I read that I think it's just a way to say 'you might get a burnout but that's part of the job', and I've never looked back. I'll never work for a boss other than myself ever again. You can check in on me in 10 years again, but I'm hoping my business is still running smoothly with an even larger team of people and clients from all over the world.

Although I always worked incredibly hard I have found a good work-life balance because of my team now, and I'm happy.

Other things: getting a nice message and thank you from a client, paying my team an unexpected bonus or give someone a gift 'just because'. Coming up with and executing an idea for a campaign that works, being able to invest in my business and build my team,

AND definitely a great pair of high heels, a powerful outfit and hair and makeup on point 😉

What's your relationship with fashion?

I love getting dressed up when I go out or have people coming over. I have many different styles but overall I would say business casual or casual chic.

In my early 20's I would buy clothes pretty much anywhere but since my late 20's to now early 30's I only look for quality. I'm prepared to pay more for it as I value a timeless piece that can last for years. I don't follow trends much but I think you automatically end up buying things that are somewhat 'trendy' but also classic. I wouldn't buy something really 'out there' that I know I won't wear next year.

How would you describe your style?

At home just casual ;). I wear both sneakers and heels or boots and prefer pants or jeans and top over dresses. When working from home it's mostly yoga pants, but I throw on a blazer for a business Zoom call, haha.

I love a great pair of flattering jeans with (overknee) boots or sneakers, a leather jacket or blazer wit a v neck top or t-shirt. I'm definitely a pants person, but for formal occassions I'll wear a dress and heels.

What's your favourite Luscious The Label item and why?

Definitely the Celine Blazer in black and the Cardi bandage pants together. Super quality and they're so comfy! I didn't own any bandage clothes before this but now I'm completely sold on it. It's so stretchy that I had to get a size smaller and it feels comfy like wearing yoga pants but looks really luxurious and dressed up. Can't beat that!



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